Please Note: Registrations for LKG 2021 are closed. Registrations for LKG 2022, for children born in 2018, can be made at 10.30 am on Wednesdays. Appointments are not required for LKG Registrations.

Parents seeking admission for LKG may note that as the number of seats are limited, only those who have registered in the year of birth ( apart from siblings, children of alumni and Christians) will be considered.

Parents may visit the school for queries regarding vacancies and admissions on a Wednesday by making an appointment between 9 am and 1 pm through our appointment booking website Please note that these are not admission interviews per se. Admissions to UKG and above will depend on the availability of vacancies in these classes.

Time slots may be booked for the designated dates from Thursday 9 am till Monday 6 pm of every week and is allotted on a first come basis. Only parents who have made a valid appointment will be able to meet the committee at the time they have selected on the website. Please note that you will not be allowed to book an appointment on consecutive Wednesdays.

If you have made an appointment but later realize that you cannot make the appointment, please cancel your appointment so that we are notified and other parents can make use of the cancelled slot. Cancellation can be made on the website at any time between Thursday 9 am to Monday 6 pm.

Children joining LKG must be 3+ by December 31st of the previous year. Parents may register their children in the year of birth, as admission is on a first come basis. As the numbers available are small, many parents choose to register their children at birth. A certain number of seats are reserved for Christian children. Admissions are done from January till March.

Parents and children are called to meet the Admissions Committee from January . Priority from the waitlist are given to those children who already have siblings in the school, Christians and children of old students. Only children who have been registered, in advance, for the relevant year, will be considered for admission , if any vacancies are available.

Admissions to other Classes depend on vacancies. The child must be of the right age group for the Class and will be asked to undergo an assessment test. Admissions are done from January till March the following year. There will be no admissions from April to December.

Admissions to Class X are done only on transfer basis from other ICSE schools, subject to the approval of the Council.

Application forms for admission to Class XI are available from April 1-30. Admissions are made after the Class X results are announced at the end of May and Classes commence in the first week of June.

Children from other Examination Boards seeking admission in the Class XI should check the School and Council regulations governing their eligibility as these may vary from year to year.

Children seeking admissions to Class XI, from abroad and having appeared for a foreign Examination Board, are advised to contact the school at least 6 months in advance as eligibility requirements differ from country to country and special permission from the Council may be required.

Admission to Class XII is done only on transfer basis from other ICSE schools subject to approval of the Council.

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